In case you still don’t understand how badly women have had it, when anaesthetic was first invented doctors weren’t allowed to give it to women who were giving birth because the church said that the pain of childbirth was God punishing women for not being men


"consent is sexy" is just another representation of how we have to sweeten our demand for consent by making it a cute & fun. how about consent is always required. or consent is absolutely concretely necessary. but we had to play it up for the message to be received and it’s really frustrating



Some things that should be acceptable by now:

  • Girls having sleepovers with boys.
  • Female nipples showing.
  • Marriage equality and equality in general.
  • Doing what you want with your body.
  • Wearing what you want,
  • Kinder eggs in America.

For a second I thought you meant eggs should be nicer to people